Tropical Marine Fishes

Tropical Marine Fishes

 Tropical Marine Fishes


Group Characteristics

Marine fishes are the most beautiful M candidates for the aquarium, but they i are also the most intolerant of changes i in water quality. Keeping them is a specialization that should be approached gradually and informatively. Beginning with the more hardy species is less expensive and is educational.

Tropical marine fishes generally come from coral reefs and coastal areas throughout the tropical oceans of the world. The choice of shapes, sizes, and colors is extensive, and the question of compatibility must be considered during selection. Many marine fishes are territorial, and they may be intolerant of other members of the same species. Hiding places should always be provided, Some species form natural relationships with other fishes or invertebrates, and these may be kept together: anemone- fishes, for example, appreciate the addition of sea anemones.

The breeding of these fishes is often restricted to anemonefishes and gobies.

Raccoon Butterflyfish

A disk like body with a long snout and eye markings are typical of the butterfly.


Although spectacularly patterned when young, adult wrasses soon outgrow aquariums and lose color.

Angelfish Body

Shape is similar to that of the butterfly fishes, but a spine is present on the gill cover.


Gobies are brightly colored fishes that usually have a suction disk formed by the pelvic fins, as seen here.