The Whale of Greenland

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The whale of Greenland is part of the Cetacee order, the Balaenidae family. It is a species in danger of extinction, its hunting is forbidden by law.

These cetaceans live in groups (made up of a small number of specimens) in Arctic and Subarctic waters.

Whale Of Greenland Food

About food, only the sea and the ocean can provide the necessary amount of food to survive this species.

Whale Of Greenland Features

Whale of Greenland has the largest fana of all whale species.

Fanoanele have a black-brown color or black-blue sometimes have a length of 4.6 m and reach a number of 240-340 on each side of the curved shape of the upper jaw and bending.

They have a body length of 14-18m and a weight of 50-60 tons. The massive head has about a third of the total weight of the body. They are exclusively aquatic inhabitants and with a proper structure – the huge body just in the water could have such a good mobility.

The body of this whale is heavy and bulky, the head is enormously large, seems unequally built, and goes directly to the body without any clear delineation.

To the rear, the trunk is thinned and ends with a wide swing, consisting of two symmetrical lobes, positioned horizontally. In the previous section there are two large, elongated swimmers. The body is covered with smooth and greasy skin, predominantly blue-dark or even black, without the presence of excrescences, whale paddles or shells on its surface.

Whale Of Greenland Reproduction

Females have a gestation period of about one year and give birth to a single baby whale that is breastfed for up to 12 months.

Each female gives birth every 3-4 years. At birth, the little one has a length of 4-5 m and weighs not more than 1000 kg. Just like other whale species, the life expectancy of the Greenland whale is over 100 years.

Spring and autumn they migrate into groups of 14 specimens, swimming in V-shaped form. Their food is made of kril, plankton, mollusks and crustaceans. Their biggest enemies are killer whales and sea lions.

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