The Trumpet Fish

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Trumpet fish are part of the order Syngnathiformes, the family Aulostomidae and the genus Aulostomus.

They can be found in tropical waters around the world in areas with coral reefs, areas with rocky or sandy substrate.

They are related to sea breams. They swim in waters with depths of 0.5 – 30 meters.

Trumpet Fish’s Food

All members of the genus can open their mouths to maximum capacity so that they can swallow the prey of their body size.

There are carnivorous fish that feed on the ambush method. They hide among the coral reefs and when the prey is nearby they jump on it with their mouths open.

Because they have no teeth, they use the strong aspiration to catch food.

It is a ferocious predator, but its small mouth size limits it to insects and small organisms that it finds on the surface of the water and at shallow depths.

Trumpet Fish’s Aspect

It reaches up to 1 meter in length. His body is long, thin, rigid and has the shape of a spear. Their body is not flexible, they cannot curl due to the interconnected bone structure.

The dorsal and cod fins are much further behind than the other fish.

They are relatively large fish for the environment in which they live.

An unusual feature of them is the long, round muzzle almost devoid of hawks.

Trumpet Fish’s Behavior

It is often seen swimming vertically among the corals. There are areas where the population is quite large and can be easily seen. Some say that even though they are abundant in places, such as reef areas or lagoons, they find enough food.

They are supposed to like the waves.

Trumpet Fish’s Reproduction

As with other species of fish also the trumpet fish, they play yard through elaborate dance rituals during mating.

After the mating period, the females lay their eggs from March to June. The eggs are taken from the male, fertilized and incubated until hatching.

Then the little ones make contact with the outside world for the first time.

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