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The Sea Dog (Squalus acanthias) is part of the Squaliformes order, the Squalidae family. It is highly appreciated for its tasty meat, which is rich in vitamin A in the liver. The risk of extinction of this species is low.

Spiny dogfish is a small but very aggressive shark. It lives in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, in the northern hemisphere. It prefers to sit on the bottom of low-temperature coastal waters, around 15ºC and at depths of 10-200 m.

Spiny Dogfish’s Food

Being a very greedy raptor, his food is very diverse, consisting of fish (mackerel, anchovies, herring, hake, horse mackerel, capelin, cod, guvizi), crustaceans (crabs, shrimps) and mollusks (sea snails, calamari).

Spiny Dogfish’s Features

As I have already said, the dorsal swimmers have teats that can cause very painful injuries. The ventral swimmers are large and long elongated, the anal is small, and the codend has asymmetrical lobes, the upper one is larger than the lower one.

In general, the dog’s body is fusiform, reaching 1 m in length and can weigh about 9 kg. In exceptional cases, the length of some copies reaches up to 1.6 m. The male is always smaller than the female.

Its color is grayish-brown with white spots on the back, respectively gray-gray with bright spots on the ventral side.

In this species the eyes are very large, oval, and the color of the iris can vary greatly. The gill slides appear on the sides, the blade is sharpened and flattened, and the jaws are provided with small and very tight teeth.

Shark is the scare of fish in almost in all seas and oceans. The shape of his head is so well suited for attack that he easily breaks water, into the rush of prey, moving like a real torpedo.

Shark Fishing: Sea Dog is a very scary fish and immediately removes the proximity of a motorboat.

It can be trapped from the boat, anchored or on the shore, in quiet areas, with great depths near the shore. The favorite bait is blue or small octopus.

Spiny Dogfish’s Reproduction

The mating season takes place in the winter months and reproduction is ovovivipara.

The female gives birth 2-11 live babies after a gestation of nearly 2 years, which at first has a length of 22-33 cm and looks very good with adults.

Life expectancy in the spiny dogfish is 25-30 years.

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