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Saw shark fish is also known as “carpenter shark.” It’s actually a shark species. It is popular due to the extension of the “saw” extension. Some species can reach lengths of 7m.

The whole family of fish is little known and very little studied. She is part of the Pestidae family and the Pestiformes order. The word comes from Greek and means “saw”.

Saw shark is spread in tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans, being a dangerous target for any predator: it has 12 to 30 pairs of very sharp teeth.

It can be found in coastal areas as well as larger rivers in turbid or clear waters.

Saw Shark’s Food

As you always suspect, the whole meal is made up of fish. But apart from over eating fish crustaceans and other marine animals with or without shells he can eat crustaceans with the help of a “saw” that helps him break the hen’s shells and other bones. Being a nocturnal animal he uses the element of surprise.

If he sleeps the day, on the inserted and the night he walks impressive distances in search of food.

Saw Shark’s Aspect

Saw shark has an elongated trunk, flattened in front and a long snout, and a saw blade shaped on both sides.

They can reach up to 9 m long, of which only the muzzle can be 2 m long and up to 30 cm wide. It is used to kill or dig. The fish uses its nose, swinging it quickly back and forth through a fishbone, chopping many of them, and then returning to eat in silence the mutilated victims.

In order to obtain food, it helps not only its multifunctional snout but also its short and flat teeth, which crushes crustaceans and mollusks.

Saw Shark’s Behavior

It’s a night fish that usually rests the day to be in full shape when it comes out to hunt. Despite its frightening appearance, it does not attack people unless they are provoked or scared.

Saw Shark is a fish that is extinct and is in a state of conservation. It is said to be an extinct animal since the last century.

Since June 2007, saw shark commerce have been banned. Only certain aquariums that are able to meet certain conditions are allowed to buy and hold such fish.

Saw Shark’s Reproduction

Being not that studied, little is known about his reproductive habits. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 10, when they have a length of 3.5 – 4m.

It is estimated to be mated every two years. The female is born ovipipar, that is, giving birth to live fish, which are covered with thin membranes.

The membranes protect them during delivery and help them become accustomed to water gradually. They fall or disintegrate shortly after birth.

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