The Rooster

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The Rooster


The rooster is the hen’s male.

It is part of the genus Galus galus domesticus.

Rooster’s Food

Like the chicken, the rooster is not a pretentious food bird. They usually eat kitchen scraps (cabbage, tomatoes, apples, etc.).

They also feed on bread, cow, corn, wheat, grass, salad, and much more.

Rooster’s Description

The cock is usually bigger than the chicken. It has a sharp beak and can be recognized after colorful plumage, crest, more pronounced red beard or bigger tail.

Rooster is a polygamous male and has a strong instinct to protect the female of his group, especially when they hatch the eggs. Aggressive specimens have been used over the years in cockroaches.

Rooster is a bird who is used to sing early in the morning.

There are more cock breeds, some of them are Ohiki, Totenko, Kurokashiwa, and others.

Rooster’s Reproduction

Rooster and hen are reproduced by eggs. It is the hog that clogs the eggs and takes care of the chickens.

After about 21 days out of the eggs more chicken breasts fluff.

For more details on reproduction, see the chicken post.

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