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The Quail generally lives in the cultivated lands of the hill and plains.

It is a bird of the size of a thrush, being the smallest and only species of the order Galliformes, is a migratory bird in Romania.

They are spread in Central Europe and they are scared birds.

On the territory of Romania, the growth of quail is not considered a profitable business, since it is not a too developed culture, and people abstain from eating meat or quail eggs.

Quail’s Food

It is very important to know that quail feed is a significant proportion of the investment made by a farmer. He feeds more dry food in different combinations.

A common feeding process can consist of a diet close to that of the hens, supplemented with protein. Can produce, within 24 hours, even 2 eggs.

Therefore, the quality of feed used for feeding is very important, its quality influencing the bird’s health and, at the same time, the quality of the eggs.

Because quail eggs contain a large amount of minerals and they deposit at least 200 eggs annually, we need to provide them with a high calcium and phosphorus diet.

Quail’s Aspect

The body color is brownish-brown with dark, light-colored, longitudinal strips. The male has a dark brown color under his chin.

The gender difference in adult quail is very easy, because its colors differ, and the roosters have specific stripes on the face that still occur at an early age.

Their colors can vary from white to tan, or they can even be colored.

Quail’s Features

An advantage of growing quail is that they do not need a large space to grow.

Quail’s Reproduction

The quail put the eggs in the ditches they dig themselves, do not look for a special place to lay eggs, as is the case with the hens. In hotspots, they produce eggs even in the winter.

The incubation period is 16 days. After incubation, on the first day the chickens become independent. Their length of life depends largely on eating.

Closed quails in cages are barely two years old, while lucky ones, with more freedom, more space to move, can live even 8-10 years.

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