The Dog

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The Dog

  • Life span: 10 to 15 years
  • Where it lives: All over the globe
  • Diet: Carnivorous


Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), or more precisely the ancestors of today’s dogs, have been barked about 15,000 years ago. Domestication of the dog is beneficial for both, first of all for the human being to defend it and to keep it ugly and for the animal because it has a shelter, it is fed, nourished, etc.

Not everyone can and is able to take care of a dog. Taking care of a dog means more to give him food and get him out of his way.

If you do not pay attention to his needs, he or she gets sick sooner or later and dies, plus he’s still struggling. Having a dog means being able to grow and care for him all his life.

Many say having a dog is like having a baby and in some ways being right. You need to feed it, wash it, learn some rules to communicate with it, pay attention to its needs, etc.

Dog’s Food

Depending on the size, breed and metabolism the dog will eat more or less. Generally the dog is not a big animal so it will not eat much.

The food you give your dog needs to be balanced and diversified. This is important, but it is not a problem for those who offer the cooked food. They will not eat the same food for more than 2-3 days, so neither the dog.

Fortunately, there are few cases of those who have a breed dog feeding them with only one type of food. It’s like they’re only eating the cabbage for 15 years. The body, whether human or animal, needs many vitamins it takes from different types of food.

When it comes to food it is good to have a list at first with what the dog is not allowed to consume. Cabbage and corn in large quantities spoil the stomach (the stomach was badly damaged, but the expression is “ruining your stomach”).

Dogs are not allowed chocolate, it is toxic to them. Everybody says he does not give the dog the chocolate and actually gives it a square or two. It’s worse than giving it one. It’s like drinking cyanide, and instead of drinking a jar from time to time a teaspoon. Worse. After wonders why the dog has various diseases and why he dies before the time he cared well.

Just like the dog man needs and needs fresh water at his discretion. With the exception of the hunting dog, almost all homeless dogs have been hunted and received food from humans.

Dog’s Aspect

The dog is a four-legged animal, has four legs, bigger or smaller, which barks. He has more developed senses than man: He sees, smells, hears and feels much better than a human. The dog is covered with fur.

The fur may be short or long, soft or slack, may have a layer or two layers. Mountain dogs have long fur and two coats to keep them warm at low temperatures.

May have almost any color, some have even more colors. Weight ranges from almost one pound (renumbering chihuahua pocket dogs) up to 70kg or more (for example myoritic shepherd). The limbs end with paws provided with claws.

Milk dentition is engraved with the final one, consisting of the incisors necessary to catch the leeks, the canines and the molars needed for cutting and storing the food. A dog’s age can be established after dentition.

Dog’s Features

A happy dog is seen from a post. The first thing you see in a dog is fur and mood. If he is happy and has clean, cared hair, it means he is a healthy dog.

If you stay in the apartment you have to take him out 2-3 times a day at least 1-2 hours to move and to make your needs. Dogs sitting in the yard have no such problems.

Dogs are divided into several categories. They are hunting dogs, guard dogs, pet dogs, shepherd dogs, and others. In the old days there were also fighting dogs, they were raised and trained to make money.

Dalmatian dogs and spaniel boys are especially playful and loving children. Dogs are renowned for their ability to learn and their discipline. For this reason, dogs specially trained to lead the blind may be asked.

Dog’s Reproduction

Reproduction breeds of dogs were created by the descendants of the same breed, which are purebred dogs and, otherwise, corncobs.

The female is a loving and loving mother.

Nursing her puppies for months. Besides lucrative breeds and help for human beings, the copies of pleasure are getting more and more important.

Each female can give birth to 2-12 puppies. They are born with their eyes closed and their ears stapled.

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