The Carpet Shark

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Carpet shark or Wobbegong is part of the Orectolobidae family, the order Orectolobiformes.

Can be found in the sea of China, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, a part of the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia and New Guinea. Populate the waters with a small reef.

Wobbegong is the common name for 12 species of carpet shark. Most are in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Carpet Shark’s Food

Carpet Shark hunts most at night. The method he uses most often to catch the leek is ambush. It is not the classical ambush in which the predator pursue his prey and rather a panda.

It almost camouflages perfectly and waits until the fish come near it and then catches them by surprise. He’s an opportunist. On the dorsal side can be seen the dorsal swings. The pelvis fins are very long and very wide. Also in the side are the five gills.

Wobbegong’s food is made of octopus, calamari, crabs, various species of fish and marine invertebrates.

Carpet Shark’s Aspect

Carpet Shark has a length of 1-2 meters and weight kg. Most species have less than 2 meters, but there are also specimens that can exceed 3 meters. The flat body is perfectly camouflaged on the bottom of the water.

The rounded jaw is provided with fleshy protrusions like mustaches. The mouth has a great opening to grab bigger fish. Skin color ranges from gray, greenish or brown to species depending on the species. The tail is long.

Carpet Shark’s Aspect

The Carpet Shark does not pose any danger to humans. He stays immobile at the bottom of the water even when filmed because he trusts his camouflage and believes he is not seen.

If it is touched it returns and repels through a strong, painful and serious bite.

Besides the man the carpet shark has few predators in its natural environment.

Carpet Shark’s Reproduction

Carpet Shark is attracted to the female when it releases pheromones in the water. As with other shark species, the male grabs the female with the teeth during mating.

After mating the female gives birth to 20 to 35 little shark babies. After the gestation period that can take up to two years.

The little ones are 20cm long. Sexual maturity is reached at a length of 0.5 to 1.2 meters.

Life expectancy is not known, but given the low predominance of the carpet shark, it is supposed to have a long life.

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