The Bedbug

The Bedbug - 2


The ugly insect, more ugly than lice, because it does not only suck in the human blood, but spits out such a slimy juice that you barely wash with soap, you can wipe it off your fingers.

Everybody knows it, because in our country it is widespread in the countryside, in the mountains and in the fairs, in the dirty, unclean houses, wherever there is a big crowd of people.

Bedbug’s Food

Bedbugs feeds during the night. His favorite food is human blood; do not refuse any animal blood. In the warm season it sucks blood every other day, and when the temperatures drop, once a week.

This suction process takes 5-10 minutes. Flatheads look for the surface suitable for blood squeezing with the organ at the end of the suction cup.

It’s a bit greedy, so resilient. She may be half-naked for half a year without dying. It gets like a straw, but it’s moving. When he got over the prey, the poor man mostly sucked until it swelled like a “bottle”.

Then, as soon as she came, she barely felt her skin, she returned to her place, consuming her food slowly. If it seems to him that the road is too long to the bed of the man he feels after the smell of sweat, the begging is letting off the bridge or the beam on the bedding on the bed.

Bedbug’s Features

Preferred suction sites are ankles, neck and wrist area. Itching occurs after a few hours. Its nature obliges her to settle in a certain place and, as long as she has all the necessary conditions for regular food, she will hardly leave the area.

Despite the fact that the bedbug feeds on human blood, this insect does not transmit disease from one person to another. The most common conditions are stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Avoid the light. During the day it hides in dark places, away from wind and noise, such as cracks, curves, narrow cracks where the back and the belly come in direct contact with the hiding place.

The bedbugs are very varied. He likes to move in ascending directions; that is why we often encounter it in the area of ​​the photo frames, canopy and chandeliers or in the cracks between the walls.

It also feels good in the upholstery of the bed around the upholstered furniture, but also between books or clothes. Sensory organs are not well developed. He does not like wet or steamed places.

Bedbug’s Reproduction

Bedbugs multiplies out of the way. The woman also gives 50 small eggs, like Linden, of which up to 2 weeks the little ones came out; he needs to parrot a few times before he multiplies.

That’s why in the nesting of nests, there are many skeletons and few slopes.

The first ones are not pierced holes, but the chitin clothes left behind.

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