The Akekee Bird

The Akekee Bird - 2


The akekee bird  is part of the Fringillidae family. It is an endemic bird that is found in small numbers at high heights.

Can be found in Canyon State Park Waimea, Alaska am Wilderness Conservation and Koke e State Park.

Currently, it is classified as extinct, the number of specimens being down due to habitat modification.

Akekee’s Food

Feeds insects, buds or nectar of trees.

Akekee’s Features

It is a greenish yellow bird with a black mask around the eyes, more prominent in males, with a light blue beak, sometimes darker at the top.

It has only 11cm and the tapered beak.

Besides its simplicity and beauty, it has a chirping specific to singing birds.

Akekee’s Reproduction

Due to the modification of the habitat by introducing new species of trees and animals, this bird is lost, not only because of fauna but also mosquitoes.

Because it lives in areas where it is difficult to study and it is an endangered species with only a few thousand remaining in the last census, little is known about this bird.

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