Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin Cat - 2
  • Origin: United States
  • Obtain: Crossing
  • Weight: 6 – 9 kg
  • Colors: All colors
  • Coat: medium-long
  • Temperament: gentle, loving, friendly
  • Health: Healthy, attention to obesity
  • Kittens: 3 to 6
  • Average age: 12-16 years


It is not known exactly how the Ragamuffin cat appeared. It is believed that the Ragdoll cat’s color variation was wanted. It is certain that a beautiful and fluffy big cat came out in the end.

Some say that Ragamuffin resulted from the crossbreeding of the Ragdoll breed with Persian, Turkish Angora, Burmese and other domestic cats.

Race originated in California in 1960. The first association that accepted the breed was the United Feline Organization (UFO). It was accepted by CFA (Cat Feline Association) in February 2003.

As far as we understand there are associations that do not accept this breed as separate because of the similarity with the ragdoll breed.

Ragamuffin Cat Aspect

The Ragamuffin cat is a big cat. Has the athletic, muscular and strong body. The fur is soft and fluffy. Females may have a weight between 4 and 7 kg, while males that are larger can weigh between 7 and 10 kg.

The body is strong and the tail is long and fluffy. The eyes are large and round. The back legs are longer than the front legs. The ears are straight and slightly rounded to the top.

The feline instinct is well developed, it is an aggressive cat and always attentive.

Even if it does not have short fur, it does not tend to get tangled. A weekly brush for dead hair removal is enough.

It’s like a smaller dog.

Watch out for the silhouette. If they eat and do not move they tend to round, meaning to become obese.

Ragamuffin Cat Behavior

It is very often likened to a puppy that can be trained and can make tricks.

She is intelligent and likes to always be in the spotlight. He watches the master in the house and in the room with his eyes and is waiting all the time.

It is limited to certain toys because it is not very active. She prefers to make her toilet and find someone scratching her.

It differs from Ragdoll through medium-length fur and a wide variety of colors.

If it’s not the most active cat, it’s probably the most sociable and loving one and it’s good for kids and other animals. He is very patient. If you do it well, she likes to be in her arms and loved by all family members in turn.

Ragamuffin Cat Features

Unlike most cats, Ragamuffin matures around the age of four. All kittens are born white. The fur colorizes as they grow.

It is a cat recommended for people with a low energy level and those of the third age.

It should be periodically brushed to remove dead hair. In the moult period, it is recommended to brush more often or if a bath has long gone.

Periodically, the nails should be cut and the ears checked.

Ragamuffin Cat Diseases

Ragamuffin cat has no health problems, she even knows she’s healthy.

How it can not live forever, over time, there have been some diseases that have occurred a little more often. These are kidney and cardiac problems.

Usually kittens are adopted after the first 12 weeks of life after they have made the basic vaccines.

Ragamuffin Cat - 1

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