Pink Armadillo

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The Pink Armadillo is the smallest species of armadillo – mammals that are part of the Dasypodidae family, Edentata order, known especially because of their shield bone bone.

It can be found in the central areas of Argentina and North America, preferring humid regions with grass or sandy places with bush and cactus bush. Though it generally moves very slowly, when it is in danger it retracts its body in just a few seconds. The armor acts like a stopper that closes the entrance to the shell.

He is also told: The pink fairy armadillo.

Pink Armadillo’s Food

Pink Armadillo builds small holes in the ground near the ants of mites, making them their favorite food. Occasionally eat worms, snakes, insects and larvae and rarely consume root plants.

Pink Armadillo’s Features

The specimens of this species are only 90-115 mm long, excluding the tail, weighing about 120 grams, and the predominant color is pink. The body is provided with a white fur that covers the face and sides and stretches on both sides of the carapace. Pink Armadillo is distinguished from other species by being the only one whose shell does not cover the dorsal part of the body.

The eyes and ears of this mammal are small and the nose sharp. The tail is immobile, so that when it moves, it actually flies to the ground, which makes its walking slower.

Pink Armadillo’s Reproduction

Females of this species submit a single egg out of which four chicks. They develop in the same placenta and are generically called pups.

The number of pomegranate pieces has considerably decreased lately, being affected by both the destruction of the habitat and their main enemies: domestic dogs.

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