Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed -1
  • Origin: Norway
  • Group: Spits/Working/Herding
  • Weight: Male: 14-18 kg Females: 12-16 kg
  • Height: Male: 43-47 cm Females: 40-45 cm
  • Colors: black, red, creamy, white-yellow
  • Training: very easy to train
  • Care: easy to care for
  • Temperament: devoted, agile, loyal, confident, intelligent
  • Health: Generally healthy and resistant
  • Puppies: 4 to 8
  • Average age: 13 to 15 years


The name of the Norwegian buhund dog derives from the word “bu” which means the farm and “hund” which means dog. In free translation buhund means farm dog.

The Norwegian buhund dog breed is used in many activities: herd dog, guard dog, etc. He understands the children well.

Norwegian Buhund is said to be the national canine breed in Norway.

In the 9th century, more precisely in the 800 years, Vikings were buried with the most valuable things among which dogs were to defend it in the next life.

The first exhibitions with the Norwegian Buhund dogs took place in 1920

Norwegian Buhund’s Food

Buhund is a very active dog and needs a diet based on many proteins to give him the energy he needs.

It is recommended to give it at least 2-3 meals per day. Water needs to be discreet to quench his thirst when it needs.

Beware of forbidden foods such as chocolate, caffeine or sweets.

Norwegian Buhund’s Aspect

It is a small-medium sized dog. It has a height of 40-47 cm and an approximate weight of 12-18 kg. It can have many colors, ranging from white to yellow, brown, gray or black.

Ears are of medium size, with triangular shape and rounded tips. The tail holds on his back twisted.

He has a well-developed athletic body. The legs are strong. The fur is double.

Norwegian Buhund’s Behavior

Buhund is an active farm dog that does not get tired easily and needs a lot of movement. He is very loving and attentive with the children.

It forms very close links with the owners and they are very good guard dogs.

The fur is short to medium length. A weekly or occasional brushing is about getting rid of dead hair.

Apparently he tolerates strangers, but he keeps them under surveillance and is always on alert in case something happens.

Norwegian Buhund’s Training

The high level of energy makes you need a little alert training pace. It is a smart and loving dog who learns quickly.

Not very long sessions are recommended because he can get bored and lose focus. The best sessions are 15-30 minutes.

It’s a dog that wants to please his master. It works very well with praise. Do not forget to reward it every time he does a good job.

There are also cases where training can be a burden because Norwegian Buhund is sometimes independent and stubborn.

They like to be busy, enjoy to contribute and, with the right approach, can excel in various canine sports.

They are trained to help people with total or partial hearing impairments and are fit for some police work.

Norwegian Buhund’s Features

Norwegian Buhund is a farm dog with many positive qualities. It is preferred for life on the farm and natural qualities as a guard dog.

It has an enviable energy and is recommended for active people. Can be taken to jogging or other similar activities.

He likes to communicate very much with the master and other “friends” in the yard. For the yard it’s ok, but for the apartment it can be considered noisy.

In conclusion, he is very active, he likes to jump and fall when he is young, if left alone for a long time, he can bark, run other animals, bikes or cars, barks and shedes every season.

Norwegian Buhund’s Diseases

He is generally healthy and has a long and beautiful life. The genetic package with which it is endowed is recognized as healthy and resistant to disease.

The most common diseases in this dog breed are hip dysplasia and eye problems.

Life expectancy is relatively high. May be over 15 years of age if properly nourished and cared for.

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed  -1