Hanoverian Limier Dog Breed

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  • The Hanoverian Limier is an old breed created with the first firearms used to hunt.
  • The home country is Germany.
  • In 1894, Verein Hirschmann created a club in which he recorded and protected his breed and hunting skills through well-known methods of  training.
  • It was created to take the blood trail left by the hunted animal. It is said to be unparalleled in keeping the score marked by the big game and bringing the hunter to exhausted hunting.

Hanoverian Limier’s Aspect

The eyes are dark, the ears are big hanging next to the head, and legs are strong end up with small paws. Short and dense short hair is dark red to tan or tiger combined with black.

It is a strong and muscular medium sized dog that can work for a long time.

The males have a height of 50-55cm and a weight of 30-40kg

Females have a height of 48-53cm and a weight of 25-35kg

Hanoverian Limier’s Behavior

It is a balanced dog with a nose that does not lose track.

A loyal dog to the master, has a high concentration on tracking. He shows calm and is sure of his senses. If aggressive or very shy is considered a defect and reason for disqualification from competitions. Any physical or behavioral defect is not tolerated. It is not recommended to keep him in the apartment. It needs a large yard to watch different animals and practice the smell. If you have a small yard it needs daily walks to keep it in shape. Running and playing in the park will make him happy.

Hanoverian Limier’s Training

When it comes to training the Hanoveran Limer can be stubborn in the beginning. Training must be done with patience. He will respond to orders.

It is recommended that the training to begin as early as possible. It is not recommended to skirmish or scream because they will not yield results.

Hanoverian Limier’s Features

Working with the limit is aimed at hunting. This requires total commitment from the two participants (dog and leader) to discipline and discernment in hunting activity.

Limiting work requires experience and knowledge in passionate hunting, even if the two are at high risk.

It is a dog that plays in “leisure time” and likes children.

Hanoverian Limier’s Diseases

Hanoverian Limier is generally it is a healthy breed with no health problems.

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