English Sheepdog Dog Breed

English Sheepdog Dog Breed - 4
  • Originally from England
  • Group: Hunting shepherds
  • Male weight: 21–28 kg
  • Female weight: 18–23 kg
  • Male height: 56–61 cm
  • Female height: 51–56 cm
  • Colors: tricolor, gray-white, black and white
  • Training: relatively easy to train
  • Temperament: active, friendly, intelligent
  • Care: permanent
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Puppies: 1-12 (8 medium)
  • Average age: 10-14 years
  • Price: 400 – 1000 euros
  • Features: weather resistant


Also known as the Bobtail dog, the English Shepherd dog is the oldest breed of dog in England. Having such a great race tradition is strong and stable that other races were formed with her help.

The breed is known as Bobtail because in ancient times people used to cut their tail in tradition, and from the back it looks like a panda bear, but smaller.

Since 1880 it has been exported to the USA and is now popular in both countries, but not only.

English Sheepdog’s Food

As a puppy, you must be given a proper diet for proper development. Being a large dog you can expect costs of 50-100 lei per week even when it is a puppy.

Large dogs have a greater appetite than small dogs and this can lead to bloating and stomach problems.

English Sheepdog’s Aspect

It is a large dog with a very large fur coat. The fur can cover the whole face. The one near the eyes should not be removed, but only slightly adjusted and combed (maintained). Inside it has a waterproof layer.

Anyone easily recognizes it by its size and its long and thick white-gray fur. The ears are flat and glued to the head.

English Sheepdog’s Behavior

The English Shepherd is an active, intelligent, cheerful and friendly dog. It adapts relatively easily to the needs of the family, is tolerant with children, animals and sometimes if not properly trained and with some strangers.

He is not a gallant dog, he is devoted first and foremost to the owner and likes to pay attention.

English Sheepdog’s Training

The training should be gentle and consistent in short and frequent sessions. He is a dog with a moderate level of activity at maturity who wants to thank the owner so he will patiently learn all the commands he wants.

English Sheepdog’s Features

The big and long fur needs permanent care since it is a puppy. At first, brushing is done periodically or weekly and as it grows more and more often.

In the mating period if not taken care of it can leave a lot of hair. Size and living conditions do not recommend it for apartment life. Periodically the hair from the ears and between the pillows from the lips should be groomed.

It is weather resistant.

English Sheepdog’s Diseases

The breed is a healthy one. Perhaps among the most healing. It has stabilized over time and has no health problems. Even so, the most common diseases are hip dysplasia, caratactus, diabetes, deafness or glaucoma. It may also have skin or thyroid disorders.

Most of these diseases do not occur if properly nourished and cared for.