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Dorada (Sparus aurata) is part of the Sparidae family, the Perciformes order. This family comprises 155 species.

It is a fish that lives in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic.

Although popular, this fish has several names.

  • Spaniards and Germans call it dorada
  • The French call it daurade
  • Portuguese and Italians call it an orata
  • Greeks, Bulgarians and Turks call it tsipura
  • the English call it sea beam
  • Koreans call him Ch’amdom
  • the Egyptians call him denees
  • Other names: kuldmerikoger, garlic, awrata, orada, wourata, etc.

Dorada’s Food

It feeds on mussels, crustaceans and plants.

Dorada’s Aspect

Most often, it reaches a length of 35 centimeters (or even up to 70 centimeters). The weight varies from 500g to 17 kilograms, depending on the species.

Most species are relatively small.

Dorada’s Behavior

It is usually found at depths of up to 30 meters, but descends to no more than 150 meters.

It is a fish that does not prefer much company. It lives alone or in small groups in areas with sandy soil.

Dorada’s Features

Dorada fish is known for both the tasty meat and the spectacular fishing. It feels good near a white wine, well cooled.

It is non-existent in the Mediterranean cuisine. The meat is white, not very fat, has an unmistakable texture and relatively few bones.

Almost all the fish found in shops with the name “golden dorada” are produced in aquatic farms along the Mediterranean coast.

Unlike fishing (5 – 10 tonnes / year) the farms produce 140,000 tonnes / year. At us the price is around 10$/kg.

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