Stegosaurus Dinosaur - 2

Stegosaurus Dinosaur

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Origin Stegosaurus lived in the Mezozoic era, in Jurassic, 145 million years ago. Due to its dorsal bone carcass, it was called “the dinosaur with […]

Smilodon - 2


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Feline with dagger-teeth When the early 19th century paleontologists discovered and described the first fossil species of oversized canines, they were convinced that they were […]

Quagga - 2


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Quagga (Equus quagga quagga) is a subspecies of field zebra. Quagga could be found in large numbers in South Africa. It was easy to distinguish […]

All information about the Aurochs - 2

All information about the Aurochs

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The aurochs is an extinct bovine mammal. The scientific name (Bos primigenius) translates as “primordial ox”. According to the Paleontological Museum of the University of […]