Bully Kutta Dog Breed

Bully Kutta Dog Breed - 2
  • Origin: Pakistan, India
  • Group: Mastiff
  • Weight: 70 – 90 kg
  • Height: Male: 81-89 cm Females: 71-81 cm
  • Colors: White, black, red, brown
  • Training: smart, easy to train
  • Care: easy to care for
  • Temperament: protective, aggressive, strong, fearless
  • Health:
  • Puppies: 5 to 9
  • Average age: 8 to 10 years


Originally from India. In Sindh and Punjab is the most popular guard dog. It is also known as the Indian Mastiff.

Today is a rare breed. Although today it is present in many colors initially it can only be found in black and white with black pigments.

Bully Kuta means “dog with wrinkled face”.

In the past it was used by the Persian army for security. Being considered a race of struggle is not recognized by some dog associations and the FCI (International Canina Federation).

Bully Kutta’s Food

It is a muscular and active dog that needs a large amount of food compared to other breeds of dogs.

Being a large breed it needs an increased attention to eating. Puppies of 8-12 weeks need 4 meals a day. Between 3 and 6 months it needs at least 3 meals a day. As the meals increase, they may be down to at least 2 per day.

For a balanced diet, 40% meat (protein), 30% vegetables and 30% carbohydrates are recommended. Also recommended are organs (liver, kidney, etc.)

Diet may also include potatoes, eggs, pasta, rice, and others.

Bully Kutta’s Aspect

It is a large dog with a height of 70-90 cm and an approximate weight of 80 kg.

The walking of the dog Bully Kuta is similar to the walking of a lion, graceful and slightly twisted. He has strong legs with strong bones and well-developed muscles.

The strong head is supported by the thick neck. The head skin is slightly similar to a chow chow. The almost half of the skull’s size is usually black, and the strong jaws with the bite in scissors.

The long tail can be worn high or left next to the body. The coat is smooth and short.

Bully Kutta’s Behavior

Due to its size it is used in dog fighting. In some countries it is included in the list of dangerous dogs.

He is a protective and loyal dog with masters. It is used to guard and protect households, but also to dogfights.

Bully Kutta’s Training

If he socializes and is properly trained he will be a playful and loving dog.

He has a strong character and tends not to listen to his master if he does not have a stronger personality than his. It is not recommended to owners without experience.

In Pakistan, the aggressive side is still highlighted and used in dog battles even if they are forbidden.

It is an intelligent dog breed that learns easily.

Bully Kutta’s Features

Bully Kutta dog needs minimal care due to short hair.

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