The Albatross - 2

The Albatross

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Traveling Albatross or Drowning Albatross is a sea flying bird, but much larger than seagull, with long, narrow and black wings at the top. It […]

The Hoopoe - 2

The Hoopoe

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Origin The hoopoe is a unique colored bird through its “crown” feathers above the head. It is the only species existing in the Upipidae family. […]

The Stork - 2

The Stork

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Origin White stork with the scientific name Ciconia, is the only large bird of the ornithofauna of the country that approached man and builds his […]

The Titmouse - 2

The Titmouse

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Origin Titmouse are a group of singing birds belonging to the Fringillidae family. Some are considered titmouse and some species of the family Estrildidae, Emberizidae, […]

The Oriole - 2

The Oriole

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Origin Orioles have habitat at the edges of deciduous forests and mixed forests in North America and Canada. There are two species of oriole that […]

The Pink Flamingo - 2

The Pink Flamingo

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Origin Flamingos are birds belonging to the genus Phoenicopterus and the Phoenicopteridae family. There are currently six species of flamingo, all belonging to one genus. […]

The Hummingbird - 2

The Hummingbird

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Origin The hummingbird is part of the Trochilidae family. It can be found south of Alaska to the Caribbean islands. Most species, however, are found […]

The Magpie - 2

The Magpie

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Origin The magpie is part of the coridum family, is a close relative of crow and raven. And, like his gentiles, the magpie is said […]

The Raven - 2

The Raven

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Origin Ever since ancient times in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and after some more recent testimonies in Australia, the rebellion reminisces that it survives […]