All the information about Tyrannosaurus Rex

All the information about Tyrannosaurus Rex - 1

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most popular dinosaur on the planet. The name Tyrannosaurus Rex comes from Greek. Tyrannos means tyrant, sauros means lizard and rex means king.

In short: the Lion King.

He lived in the west of North America. The fossils found in a large variety date back 67 million years ago.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a bipeded carnivore with a massive head balanced by a long and strong tail.

Rex Description

T Rex was one of the greatest carnivorous terrestrial dinosaurs of all time. It was 13m long and 4m tall. The weight varied over the years from 4.5 tons to almost 8 tons.

He was best known for his Jurassic Park movie. The neck was short and strong to support the massive head. The two previous members had three fingers.

In contrast, the posterior limbs were long and muscular. The teeth were sharp and long, the largest discovered having a length of 30cm.

Like many other T-Rex dinosaurs, the body is bent at 45 degrees and the tail torn on the ground, like a kangaroo. This concept dates back to 1865 from Joseph Leidy, the first man to describe a dinosaur in a biped position.

Later Henry Fairfield Obson, President of the American Museum of Natural History, reinforced Joseph L.’s statement after the first full skeleton of a T-Rex was unveiled in 1915. Two traces of Tyrannosaurus Rex were found.

First discovered in Philimont Scout Ranch, New Mexico in 1983 by American geologist Charles Pilmore. The second track was found in 2007 by the paleontologist Phil Manning of Montana.


There were two big questions about T-Rex‘s mobility: how fast could he return and what is the maximum speed he can achieve in the right line?

Both reveal whether the animal is a hunter or a carnivore feeding on leeches. The scientists assumed that the speed would be somewhere between 18 and 40 km/h with exceptions that would make the “little” run at 72km/h.

It is thought to have had leg muscles much higher than today’s average and under these conditions the speed of a T-rex would be 40-70 km/h.

Moving 5-8 tons at a speed of 70km/h requires a huge force. It was also hypothesized that because of his weight he could not run.

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