Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Breed

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Breed - 2
  • Origin: USA
  • Group: Mastiff
  • Weight: Male: 25-45 kg
  • Height: 48-66 cm
  • Colors: white, black, brown, tiger, gray
  • Training: loving, protector
  • Care: short fur
  • Health: it needs exercise and movement
  • Puppies: 4 to 8
  • Average age: 12 – 15 years


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is the result of a three-generation reproduction program of PaPa Buck Lane, Georgia, USA. The program began in the 1800s and was designed to save the “planting dog” in southern Georgia, which was almost gone.

Lane was talking about the dog with her grandfather about Otto. An Otto was necessary because these bulldogs were capable of guarding and working in the woods.

This muscular race was created by an American family, and its survival depends on the care it receives. When the old master Papa Buck was hit by the train the dog shows his devotion by regular visits to his grave. Later, in 2001, heir Lana Lou Lane dies in her sleep and the kennel is taken over by her daughter.

Originally this dog’s ancestors were used as cattle an pig hunters, but Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog was raised for guard and pet.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog’s Food

Its physical conformation reveals it easily as a gourmet. Being generally sedentary and less willing to consume energy, dogs of this breed should be kept under control.

Diversification of the menu will please these peaky dogs. It is good that with regard to over-the-day supplements, limit yourself to pieces of lean dry meat, preferably beef.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog’s Diseases

Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs, potential health problems may include hip dysplasia, congenital deafness, entropy – an eye problem where the eyelid rotates inside and skin problems.

Remember that after taking a new puppy in your home, you have the responsibility to protect it from one of the most common health problems: obesity. Maintaining Alapaha at a proper weight is one of the easiest ways to prolong his life.

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