Airedale Terrier breed

Airedale Terrier breed
    • Origin: Germany 
    • Group: pinscher/schnauzer 
    • Weight: 3 – 5kg 
    • Height: 25 – 38cm 
    • Colors: black, gray, red, tan
    • Training: easy to train 
    • Care: short fur 
    • Health: does not tolerate high temperatures and humidity 
    • Puppies: 6 to 8 
    • Average age: 11 years 
  • Other names: Airedale, Bingley Terrier, King of Terriers, Waterside Terrier 


The first Airedale terrier dogs looked totally different from the ones we know. They were originally known as the Bingley Terrier. They are descendants of a terrier species that no longer exists. Later the breed was mated with the Otterhound to result in a better swim terrier. 

This breed was created about 100 years ago. He is also called The King of Terriers. Their names come from the Aire valley in England. The Airedale Terrier was used in hunting in India, Africa and Canada. The breed was also used in the police, for security and in the Second World War.  

Some of the qualities of this dog: a guard dog, hunting, used in police and army. 

Airedale Terrier Food 

Proper feeding is essential for your dog’s health. Most prefer feeding is in the morning and evening, but there are some who let the dog appreciate how much food he needs. 

Get rid of the problem of forgetting dog feeding, but risk having a obese animal. For Airedale terrier are good fish and vegetables: carrots, potatoes, cabbage, prefer to gradually feed them into the food. Potatoes, beef, wheat and oats are also recommended. Avoid rice, beets, soya because it can harm the dog. Vitamins and minerals are also recommended. 

Airedale Terrier Appearance 

It’s the biggest terrier. The skull has about the same length as the snout. The head is long and flat, the nose is black. The eyes are small in dark color, the V-shaped ears are slightly oriented forward. 

The chest is deep, the tail usually raised. The fur is strong, dense and sore on the touch, but it has a short, soft layer on the skin. 

The most common colors are black and brown, but there are shades of gray. The head and legs are caffeine, and the neck and rest of the body is generally black. The height is 56-58 cm weighing 20-30 kg. 

Airedale Terrier Behavior 

The Airedale Terrier understands well with the kids, but it is advisable to be in their fads for better socialization. He is quite friendly with strangers, intelligent, pleasant and loyal. Sensitive and responsive, he can easily train himself. 

They are lovers of fun and playful especially when they are puppies. It turned out to be a very loyal dog, but because of the hunter’s qualities you must be a good trainer to persuade him to come to you when running for squirrels, other dogs, or eating his favorite food. 

Airedale Terrier Training 

Being an energetic dog, if he does not consume his energy, he can be very loud. He is not a hard-to-train dog; does not respond to harsh orders, is intelligent and quickly perceives everything that is necessary, and if asked for something, he can often refuse.  

They must be treated calmly, with confidence and firmness. He can be a very good defense dog, he understands the cats in the house and sometimes tries to dominate other dogs, this depends on the people around him, the trainer and how he is taught. 

Airedale Terrier Features 

Not recommended for apartment life. They are very active dogs and need at least one medium sized yard to develop normally and have a place to consume their energy.  

The breed has been created for active work, so it needs a lot of daily exercise. Long walks do good. Most love to play ball, swim, or go alongside the bike.  

Without attention and movement, he gets bored, gets agitated and can cause problems. The need for movement starts to decline from the age of 2 years, as most dogs.  

Airedale Terrier Diseases 

Airedale Terrier is a strong breed, can have eye problems, hip dysplasia and skin infections. If the skin is too dry, fatty acids should be introduced into the diet. 

Life expectancy is 10-12 years. The woman gives an average of 9 puppies. 

It should be trimmed approximately twice a year, but for the specimens exposed to contests, more attention should be paid. 

If the fur is allowed to grow, flocks will form. It may be good for some people who suffer from allergies. 

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