The Sea Hedgehog - 2

The Sea Hedgehog

June 27, 2019 admin 0

Origin Sea hedgehogs are part of the Echinodea class. Namely and equally are marine echinoderms with spherical body covered with spikes. They can be found […]

The Swordfish - 2

The Swordfish

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Origin Swordfish is a ferocious kidnapper, recognizable for its fine, scales-free skin, the lunar codline and the prolonged jawbone as a sword. It can reach […]

The Octopus - 2

The Octopus

June 25, 2019 admin 0

Origin Octopus is a cephalopod mollusc that is part of the Octopoda order. The octopuses have two eyes and four pairs of arms. Compared to […]

The Manatee - 2

The Manatee

June 25, 2019 admin 0

Origin Manatee is a large aquatic mammal known as the cow. This cow’s name is attributed to him and morse due to their impressive bodies. […]

The Starfish - 2

The Starfish

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Origin Starfish belong to the Asteroidea class. It is also called the fragile star. There are 2000 species living in all the oceans of the […]

The Sea Cucumber - 2

The Sea Cucumber

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Origin Sea cucumbers are echinoderms in the Holothuroidea class. They are marine animals with a tanned skin and an elongated body with a single gonad. […]

The Crayfish - 2

The Crayfish

June 19, 2019 admin 0

Origin European Crayfish, noble crayfish and big fang crayfish are the most common species in Europe and a traditional food. Like other species, these crayfish […]

The Stingray - 2

The Stingray

June 19, 2019 admin 0

Origin Stingrays are cartilaginous fish related to sharks. These are found in warmer waters in temperate and tropical and subtropical areas. In the north they […]

The Penguin - 2

The Penguin

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Origin The Adelie penguin is a skimpy bird of the spheniscidae family, the sphenisciformes order, with short wings unfit for flying serving as the swimmer, […]